Where Did All The ‘PERFECT FINGER POINTERS’ Come From??

forgiving othersThe finger-pointing being portrayed in the media in regards to Paula Dean’s (Food Network Chef) supposed inappropriate behavior 30+ yrs ago, is simply ‘over the top and out of control behavior,’ from a group of people who appear to have appointed themselves as ‘perfect’ and eligible to judge others as a consequence. Are these people bored with nothing else to focus on? There was a southern term used in my youth, for tattle tales/whiners, which was passed down through my father’s lineage; ‘whaa whaa’s.’ For some reason, the perpetrators involved in this incidence, bring the term back to the forefront in my mind.

My father’s heritage, including mine,  comes from the southern parts of the US. My great-grandfather was a senator many decades ago. My father informs me that his great-grandfather traveled to France and brought back many Negros to help work his crops. He built homes for them, with many of the Negros becoming a part of their family over the years.My father tells me that an older individual in charge of my grandfather’s workers/employees, became good friends with him and they used to shoot marbles when together. My father also tells me that this particular individual taught him (my father) many racial slurs, which they shared with humor. This was an example of something that was considered to be normal behavior throughout the south, between the blacks and whites.

As a child, I have re-visited my father’s relative many times. I remember being flabbergasted the first time I heard one black call another black the “N” word. I went home and told my parents and they n turn informed me that it was normal in the south. Even though I didn’t grow up around Paula Dean, I totally understand the context of her comments and I am appalled by those who took it out of context and made culture/history something bad. Shame on them. Of course, we have improved our behaviors since then as a society.

I believe individuals involved in the current media flare surrounding Ms Dean, are guilty of destroying cultures/traditions of our great country without  authority or real reasons to even do so, other than that of being ‘politically correct’ or ‘calling the race card’, since it involves black skinned people. All they are doing is creating and spreading hatred amongst good people. When I was a child, people portraying such behaviors would have been called on the carpet and put in their place.  Passing judgement by non-perfect individuals,  onto others, is totally unacceptable. If someone does something inappropriate towards another, it’s up to whomever they personally offend, to confront the perpetrator and let them know they are out of line.

People tend to forget that most people in America are made up of many minorities, so, why should one minority be more demanding of special attention over any other? When are people going to wake up and realize how much energy/life they’re wasting fretting over such things, as well as hatred they are caring around in their hearts and passing on to their ‘lings’, in a country built upon Christianity. When will the hippocracy end? The race card really doesn’t work in a society known to be a melting pot.

If you’re having a bad day and don’t like someone or something, be accountable and adjust your own attitude instead of taking it out on another by destroying their existence. That behavior is so much more vile than an accidental ‘semantic slip of the tongue.’ Do you ever wonder if God called the race card when he was on the earth? Wake up America, show some respect for one another. Game playing such as this, is nothing but negative and divides people. Set good examples through your own behavior so that our younger generations have someone to look up to and model their lives after. If not, civilization doesn’t have a chance.




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