Best Ever Home-Made Salsa!!



Nothing makes me salivate more (like Pavlou’s dogs) than home-made salsa with home grown tomatoes–as they say, to die for! It is very much a staple in our home this time of year, when the tomatoes are literally flowing in the door.


Home-Made Salsa

6 Lg Garden Tomatoes chopped coarsely (depends on size of batch you want and/or need)

       If Ripe and full of juice-take spoon, pre-chop and remove Seeds/pulp (unless you like runny salsa)

2-3 Lg cloves Freshly minced garlic (use 1-2 TBL pwdr if no fresh garlic)

1 Cup coarsely chopped Fresh Cilantro

1 Can 14.5 ou Ready Cut Diced Tomatoes (as extra filler for recipe)

1 Med to large Yellow or white Onion Chopped finely

2 Med Jalapeno Peppers (Slice open, Clean out Pulp/Seeds-leave in if you want salsa hotter) then chop finely

1 Med to Large Green or Red Bell Pepper (slice open, Clean out Pulp/Seeds and chop finely)

1 Can Olives (Pre sliced or whole and Slice Yourself)

Juice of 1 Lg Lime

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Gently Mix All Ingredients Together and Either Eat Right Away or Put In Refrigerator and let set 1-2 hrs to let flavors meld. Serve with Nacho chips. Delicious!!! Enjoy.  PS. If any left over, might consider putting in your blender or juicer and making the base for a good, spicy bloody mary????

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