Is Being “Politically Correct” translated as Being More Caring?


The media appears to be inundating the public with nothing but a barrage of emotion driven issues being interpreted by the semantics of many cultures. I view this as serving no purpose to mankind as a whole, other than to create confusion, avoid logic and inhibit truthful dialogue. I am not a political animal but when it comes to injustices secondary to non-truths and speaking in tones of gray, I become quite intolerant, yet I find myself making sure I didn’t misunderstand the overall gist secondary to semantics involved.

What exactly is the meaning of semantics? PerĀ  Wikipedia; “The word semantics itself denotes a range of ideas, from the popular to the highly technical. It is often used in ordinary language for denoting a problem of understanding that comes down to word selection or connotation. This problem of understanding has been the subject of many formal enquiries, over a long period of time, most notably in the field of formal semantics. In linguistics, it is the study of interpretation of signs or symbols used in agents or communities within particular circumstances and contexts. Within this view, sounds, facial expressions, body language, and proxemics have semantic (meaningful) content, and each comprises several branches of study. In written language, things like paragraph structure and punctuation bear semantic content; other forms of language bear other semantic content.” Yes, as you have summarized from the above definition, semantics is anything but easy to wrap out minds around. Have we made it too complicated for the average person?

Take the issue of being a racist. In my opinion, this accusation is totally out of control in that its being applied to any and every living being who offers opinions considered to be unpopular by the vocals of particular components of our society. It makes me wonder if in fact the incorrect term is being used, meaning, racism vs prejudice (pre-judge). It’s almost as if the semantics involved are being re-interpreted on a regular basis, according to the need. Is this what we refer to as the game of being ‘politically correct?’ You wonder why society is so mixed up.

In an article posted within the American Psychological Assoc. website; ‘Psychological science is not politically correct,’ By Dr. Gerald P. Koocher, American Psychological Association President, Oct 2006, Vol 37, No 9., Dr. Koocher stated that “psychological science cannot be held to a standard of political correctness by social liberals or conservatives. Any attempt to use isolated behavioral science findings to frame answers to broad social policy questions will require a level of explanatory detail and nuance that defies the sound bite mentality of many news outlets and political messages. Ideally, policy-makers need to draw on the body of psychological research in a given area to inform their decisions.”

If you go into a typical neighborhood of ‘americans,’ you will find many different cultures living amongst one another. Of course, each culture will have prejudices towards the other, which is to be expected secondary to not fully understanding one another. We have seen many many examples of this since the birth of our country. Over time, you will see a melding and coming together of cultures out of earned respect and secondary to all involved, treating one another as they want to be treated. This is where the role of the elders of each culture/community plays such a crucial role. They have the wisdom from time and can help the younger generations to understand the big picture of getting along.

The United States is made up of a melding pot of cultures, as we all know. This has been going on for several centuries and has worked itself out. There should be no cultures/communities holding self-importance over the other. There should also be no trying to change America into another country. Our fore-fathers designed the basic constitution to protect all citizens of the ‘United States’ and this is a fact we can’t bury or forget. Every generation in this country needs to be responsibleĀ  in following the laws and continue contributing to the overall benefit of all citizens. This is what has made this country great. Each and every citizen must live by as well as speak the unselfish truth out of caring for the welfare of all mankind vs living selfishly and caring only about one’s self image. If we don’t do this, we will be tramping on the hallowed ground of all those who have worked hard for as well as fought for the basic principles.

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