Signs of Obamacare Changes: Efficiency or Not?

side effects obamacare The associated changes and effects of Obamacare, are already rolling in. I received a 4 page letter today from Medicare, which was send first class and most likely cost at least a minimum of $.75 for them to mail to me. The letter was a request for a refund of $.01, which they determined was an overpayment on their part. This is supposed to be received within so many days or fines will be assessed……

I do admit that this is on a rather small-scale, but where is the common sense? The government just spent approx $.75 plus administrative costs to mail out this letter to collect 1 penny. Who pays for the loss generated in this transaction or is this just one crack of many factored into the facade? I vaguely remember a promise that this new system is going to be much more efficient and will save us tax payers lots of money??

Is it the computerization of all industries involved, that is responsible for the lack of accountability for the oversights? What will this type of practice end up costing the Government, Healthcare Industry or us, the taxpayers? Where is the human interface that should be overlooking or supervising such communications; evaluating and analyzing whether or not this is or isn’t a good policy. Paying for these layers and layers of departments who are tasked with intercommunication, in addition to carrying out their own jobs, is going to be nothing but an endless money pit for all involved. Common Sense tells us that the more people involved, the harder it will be to find the actual people who can take care of the task.

The other issue I witnessed today was a letter from my personal healthcare insurance. I just changed to a new plan 3 months ago, secondary to my group plan ceasing because of the practice closing and Doctor retiring. The letter I received today stated that I need to pick another plan by end of Dec., secondary to the state’s mandated Obamacare healthcare exchanges, or, they would pick one for me that was close to what I currently have. What is the purpose of all this jockeying around? Will a new policy add 15 more pages of legal inspired changes that the common person can’t possibly interpret? You can bet the costs will go up as someone has to pay for all the administrative costs in making these paper trails. Let’s not forget that we’re suppose to be going green, but who’s chopping down more trees in order to make paper to print all these changes?

I am not trying to be disrespectful or condescending, but the idiocy of mankind appears to be at an all time high. We definitely aren’t getting any smarter and if anything, we appear to be going backwards. We think we’re being more efficient by making everything computerized; making way for oodles and oodles of research for analysis, which will in turn tell us what–this is or isn’t too expensive to pursue, thus boiling down to, we’re human and will only be on this planet for X number of years?? Will all this research and data really make a change for the better, or, make us all that much more uptight about how we are and aren’t suppose to live?

Computers are definitely creating an environment of artificial intelligence, but at the same time, are stealing away the real intelligence from mankind. Mankind is becoming less and less of who they were and are now faced with self re-inventing at a much more rapid pace, merely to keep up with the parallel world of computers they’ve created. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but much scarier! Since I am the overseer and accountable one for what comes and goes on my computer, I am making an executive decision to turn my computer off right now, as it is definitely more organized/efficient than I at this particular time of the day.


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