The ‘Cloak Of Invincibility’ Disappears As We Age, Thus The Need for Prevention In How We Live.

invincibile Just returned from a healthcare follow-up, secondary to history of Breast Cancer. This was a routine annual visit that took on a new, unexpected and unwelcome twist. Many women, located on all sides of me came and went, while I remained in my clinical room waiting for clearance to leave.

After 3 call backs for additional images, I finally received the all clear sign. The heightened sense of fear that attached itself to this event took another ‘chink out of my armor.’ All the emotions experienced when going through my initial diagnosis 4 yrs ago, re-surfaced, along with the overwhelming fear that, ‘oh no, here we go again.’ The story ended with good results in spite of the degree of medical attention that was provoked.¬† I did have an underlying personal peace, even though others were concerned, as I knew that I had a clear bill of health not that long ago, thus knew there was another reason for the findings.

The event served as another reminder that anything can happen at any time, no matter what preventative measures we take. With that said, I am not recommending that we take the careless approach to life since there aren’t any guarantees, but rather, do your homework, make the best decisions with the data available, as well as listen to the recommendations of the medical experts.

Another preventative¬† idea would be to look at your family tree, with emphasis on member’s medical histories. This information would provide an overall awareness of genetic health issues that you might be pre-disposed to. The information will also provide you and your practitioner the data from which a plan of prevention can be made; steps towards keeping one as disease free as possible. It does takes personal discipline and effort to live a healthy lifestyle, yet one must realize that the rewards of better health down the road, are something that can’t be bought.

We all start out in life feeling invincible, thinking nothing will touch us and that bad things only happen to the other guy. It’s truly a matter of time before we soon find out that we really are NOT invincible. Things may not directly affect you, but rather affects those close to us, which in itself is comparable to a direct hit. Over time, each and every stressful event we experience, takes its toll on one’s psyche and for those experiencing chronic stress, (from whatever the source-family, job, finances etc) their well-being and health can eventually be effected through the manifestation of illnesses.

The ‘cloak of invincibility’ is most common amongst the youth, only because they haven’t yet had to carry much in the way of ‘burdens from life.’ The young are typically energetic, full of enthusiasm, focused on being independent and eager to be in charge of their own lives. There is not a choice of whether one will be luckily protected from life’s crises, but rather a matter of when crises will hit. The best words of advice are to take care of yourselves, listen to your trusted and wise elders and minimize one’s exposure to uncontrolled events and/or stress. It also helps to humbly realize at a young age, that you are not any different from all those who have come and gone before you, so learn from them.

I personally can attest from experience, how one day you wake up and find yourself feeling strangely vulnerable, secondary to stresses out of one’s control. It’s not that you can no longer handle stress as you age but that stress appears to have become more and more intertwined in one’s life, especially with so many more to directly worry about, than when you were young. I remember my father telling me years ago, how worried he was for his kids and grand-kids and I really didn’t understand the full meaning at that time, but now that I’m wearing his shoes as a parent and grandparent, I finally understand. I keep repairing as well as polishing my armor, yet age shows its effects regardless.





  1. Bellle, This is another great piece you have written with your wise & wonderfully said words. I’m very thankful you ended up with a good report from your medical visit. I always enjoy reading your blogs, you have so much to say & share which is interesting & thought provoking & I relate to what you say & seem to think very much the same way. Thank you for putting into words so much truth. You have been a good student of life and now a wonderful teacher of life & I truly appreciate the time, thought & energy that you so graciously give, sharing your life, experience & knowledge with others. I’ve read all your blogs however not always in order & don’t get my comments out there too often but I look forward to reading “Fabulous Frugal Belle” and encourage you to keep up the great work!

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