Belle’s 2013 ONGOING Garden Harvest

IMG_1399 IMG_1401 IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1403IMG_1400We’ve definitely been blessed with a producing machine this year. I hate to admit it but I’m almost ready for the first hard freeze. Don’t get me wrong as I’m most appreciative for everything, but once the garden starts, it doesn’t stop when you don’t feel like dealing with it. It’s a daily chore that’s not easy, but the rewards of doing so are endless. You have to remind yourself that the time spent preserving a lot of the produce will be well worth it when you don’t have to worry as much about such things as food prices, shopping for basics to restock the shelves and/or running to the store for a particular staple you just happened to preserve.

The fresh tomatoes (many varieties) have been phenomenally flavorful and make the best BLT’s. I could eat one of these sandwiches every day during garden season. We also improvised our BLT’s by using thin slices of cucumbers in place of the lettuce as well as adding a little sweet onion. My husband grew several new varieties of eggplant this year, not just the typical purple skinned ones commonly found in the local grocery store. We have very small,  as well as white and yellow-skinned eggplants; all unique and wonderful. Our nectarines are as large as softballs and so sweet. Memories of my childhood come flooding back when I pick fruit off the tree, wash it and just stand there and eat it; can clearly remember past conversations/the fun going on when spending the day picking with various extended family members.

We’re preparing to make our traditional crock pickles this weekend and I will do my best to record and post for all of you. Our family loves these and we pull them out of the crocks all fall and into winter, when we have an inkling for a good ole dill pickle. Many, many varieties of peppers are coloring the garden at this time. Some not so hot and some way too hot for my palette. Bell peppers are in all colors and range anywhere from 2-6 inches in length. Love to use the extra-large ones to stuff meatloaf in (the pepper service as a loaf wrapper) vs individual stuffed peppers. All kinds of options when you have so many choices.

We continue taking bags of goodies to our neighbors and I do believe we are overwhelming some, but the majority are most appreciative. There’s nothing like your own fresh produce from seeds you had sown; full well knowing you controlled and maintained the quality of the entire process,  from point A to point B. Gardening has been a large part of my family as well as my husband’s family histories. There is a reason as to why this life-skill has gone on for decades and I must admit that I only hope the gift/knowledge/self-sufficiency will truly pass on to our children and their children etc. I also hope that my garden posts do nothing but conjure up interest for others to merely take the step towards learning this rewarding life skill.



  1. Sharon's Miller says:

    Your fruitful efforts bring back many special memories – thanks for sharing news and pics of some of your bounty. Your encouragement to “go and do likewise” is a wonderful message. Keep your positive input coming! Thank you! Sharon

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