Obamacare is Here–Welcome To The New Maze of Healthcare Insurance

side effects obamacare

I find it astounding that this Mandated Healthcare program is now in existence. It clearly tells me that confusion has run amok and those in charge haven’t done their due diligence in researching and/or testing. On the other hand, we the people, also didn’t do our jobs in making our leaders clarify everything so that we were all on the same page. Health Insurance Premiums are up and choices of practitioners now limited to the networks within your chosen insurance plans. Healthcare Practitioners in the fields/trenches are forced to comply.I’m afraid we’re all in for a ride which will have good and bad consequences; a lot we will not be able to control as we’ve pretty much given up our basic freedom of choice and now others will be making those pertinent decisions for us. I truly hope that people will put out the effort to live healthier lives as their main prevention vs living poorly and relying on an unknown system with unknown longevity. The link attached is by a cardiothoracic surgeon well aware of the big picture in the State of Washington-worth a read.

Roger Stark MD FACS -Wash State Residents Losing Current Hlth Coverage

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