Easy, Delicious and Quick, ‘After School Snacks’-Baked Cheese Sticks!!

IMG_1947IMG_1949IMG_1951I ran upon this idea in a facebook share from a friend. I have modified it a bit so as to enhance the overall quality. They are as you would guess–delicious as well as nutritious. What kid or adult, would or could walk by, without a taste. Give them a try-they only take a few minutes to make.

Baked Cheese Sticks

1 Bag 12 oz Cheese Sticks (pizza or mozzarello flavor)

1 Cup Panko-japanese bread crumbs–(or regular bread crumbs)

3/4 Cup Milk

1 Tsp Italian Seasoning

1/2-3/4 Cup Marinara Sauce or Ketchup

Preheat Oven to 425 degrees F. Lightly spray cookie sheet with oil or Pam cooking spray. Brown Panko in skillet (on low)  until medium brown in color (stirring fairly regularly as they brown rather quickly once they are warm enough) then transfer to a bowl and add 1 tsp Italian seasoning. Cut Cheese Sticks in 1 inch pieces. Pour Milk into dipping bowl. I find it easier if you line up items similar to a conveyor belt and proceed;  dip cheese pieces in milk, then transfer to crumbs where you merely lay dipped cheese piece and toss crumbs over, until coated all sides (don’t worry if isn’t perfect). Once all pieces are dipped and laid out on a cookie sheet (1 inch apart max), then transfer to fully heated oven for approx 5-8 minutes–will need to adjust according to your oven temp. They are best when warm so transfer to plate (or eat off cookie sheet) and dip in marinara sauce–Wella–Delicious as promised!  PS The nice thing about Cheese sticks is that they come in many flavors, so try a few other flavors and add your magic!

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