Belle’s 2013 Garden and Harvest Nearing Its End.

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Preserving Delicious Home Made Italian Sauce from ‘YOUR’ Garden Tomatoes

IMG_1473IMG_1403 Nothing like the aroma of a delicious homemade Italian sauce for spaghetti, lasagna etc., especially in the middle of winter when the produce is no longer available out your back door. We all know you can buy versions of Italian sauces off the store’s shelves, but when you can make the best as well as the freshest from your own tomatoes and herbs, why not put out the minimal effort to make it happen? [Read more…]

Belle’s 2013 ONGOING Garden Harvest

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Belle’s 2013 Garden-Relentless With Its Bounties!

IMG_1297 Gardening not for couch potatoes. Neither Fruits or Vegetables will wait until convenient for you to pick/harvest/process. [Read more…]

Belle’s 2013 Spring Garden Is Producing, Producing and Producing!

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Deeeelicious Fresh Cauliflower with Homemade Cheese Sauce!

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More Wonderful Treats Ready to Be Harvested from our 2013 Garden

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Harvesting of Fava Beans-Great Source of Nutrition From Belle’s 2013 Garden!

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Belle’s 2013 Spring Into Summer Garden

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Belle’s Ongoing 2013 Garden–Post # ???? Harvesting is Ramping Up.

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