Belle’s Insight into the New Healthcare Exchanges–???

side effects obamacare [Read more…]

Where are the dollars going secondary to Obamacare?

side effects obamacare Have you noticed the cost of Healthcare Insurance premiums? Ridiculous increases! What are we getting in return for the increased premiums–less coverage and more out-of-pocket? I personally changed my insurance coverage this week since my employer retired and group coverage ceased. The choices (yet more expensive) are there, yet filled with details that are nothing but confusing. If you by chance have recently called insurance companies, you will find that those answering the phones, are rather confused themselves. With this in mind, DO ask questions. [Read more…]

More Side Effects of Obamacare

side effects obamacareWe are all becoming more and more aware of the changes being brought about by Obamacare; the bill Nancy Pelosi instructed Congress to “pass then we’ll know what’s in it.” That is still the most ludicrous statement I think I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Its kind of like take the test to see what’ in it, rather than read and prepare, then take the test. In my opinion, talk about a lack of accountability and leadership!! [Read more…]