Does Rationalizing Our Vices Take Into Consideration Accountability to Those Close To Us??

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The title almost sounds like an oxymoron. How does one imbibe in ‘things not good for us’ and still rationalize being accountable for our actions to those closest to us? For example, say you take up smoking. Is this a logical decision in which you consider the side effects and weigh/measure your chances of beating the odds, or, is this an emotional decision, in which we merely hope and not plan for  issues that our families might have to contend with down the road. [Read more…]

Isn’t It Time, We As Individuals, Put A Stop To Cyber Bullying on Children?

negating others social media I find the recent publicized death of the 12-year-old girl secondary to cyber bullying by her peers, nothing but troubling. I know these types of events aren’t new but why are we adults not looking for more aggressive solutions?  Is it because it doesn’t directly affect us or our families, therefore, we can ignore it? Should we place an age limit on when children can actually access the internet and/or use social media? Sounds like a task beyond our reach but on the other hand, how many unnecessary deaths can we justify because of our lack of interest? [Read more…]

Question of A Lifetime–Should We Be Afraid of Failure?

index One of those million dollar questions; Is failure a good thing, a bad thing or merely something to be determined by the eye of the beholder? It wasn’t uncommon decades ago, to be told you HAD to achieve to be successful. Even though failure wasn’t mentioned, it was easily assumed to be a negative and undesirable outcome. How many of us have been programmed ‘not to fail?’

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What Do You Do When Approached By People Living on The Street?

good deeds There is nothing that cuts to the core quicker than seeing young people on the street begging for food or money. It literally breaks my heart. I must admit, there’s also the immediate ‘catch 22’ gut reaction when I come upon those on the street; do I help them or are they scamming people? My heart always tells me to help, as there are no for sures in life and it could easily be one of my family members or even myself, asking for help. There are those that make me regret it when I see them at the same spot, day after day, week after week; scamming people instead of putting out the effort to clean up and seek out resources in place for guidance.

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For Long Term Stability– Incorporate Frugality Into Your Lifestyles!


We start out in life learning the value of materials, services, etc., as well as the effort it takes to earn them. Our ‘earlier years’, is very much a time period during which one learns what they can and can’t live without, including but not forgetting, designing and living on a budget.  When one retires, which is obviously the other end of life’s spectrum, a person comes full circle in that once the cord to income is cut, you will once again be challenged to live within your means and/or on a budget. [Read more…]

When Dignity Becomes The Central Theme in Elderly Care

final stages of life What a year and what learning experiences!! The time has come when dignity is the overall theme for both of my parent’s current healthcare. As mentioned in previous posts, my siblings and I have been taking turns (with various tasks) being involved in our parents’ healthcare. This year in particular, has brought clarity to all of us, secondary to the many obvious signs and/or crises, the importance of dignity and their choices/wishes. [Read more…]

Where Did All The ‘PERFECT FINGER POINTERS’ Come From??

forgiving othersThe finger-pointing being portrayed in the media in regards to Paula Dean’s (Food Network Chef) supposed inappropriate behavior 30+ yrs ago, is simply ‘over the top and out of control behavior,’ from a group of people who appear to have appointed themselves as ‘perfect’ and eligible to judge others as a consequence. Are these people bored with nothing else to focus on? There was a southern term used in my youth, for tattle tales/whiners, which was passed down through my father’s lineage; ‘whaa whaa’s.’ For some reason, the perpetrators involved in this incidence, bring the term back to the forefront in my mind. [Read more…]

Opinions–For What They’re Worth!

opinions No matter what the topic, there are always opinions from both sides of the aisle. The point we need to keep in mind is that opinions aren’t etched in stone for each and every one of us. Opinions are exactly that, someone’s interpretation based on their walk through life. The goal for each of us is to listen to all, do your own homework, then create your own opinion based on your own facts. Just because so and so says that’s the way it is, just keep in mind that it isn’t but one person’s view. [Read more…]

Where is the Quality of Accountability in Our Leaders?

leader accountability“He who is present at a wrongdoing and does not lift a hand to prevent it, is as guilty as the wrongdoers” Lakota. [Read more…]

Dissociation b/t the Talk and The Walk; Destruction of Humanity?

walk-the-talk2We are all witness to ‘dissociation between the talk and the walk’ in today’s societies. So many of us are so busy leading the shallow/stale life; speaking the perfect words, wearing the perfect clothes, displaying the best manners, but without any portrayals of the actual walk. Empty words? Hypocrisy? Is the potential there for destruction of humanity? [Read more…]