Belle’s 2013 Garden and Harvest Nearing Its End.

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Belle’s 2013 ONGOING Garden Harvest

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More Wonderful Treats Ready to Be Harvested from our 2013 Garden

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Belle’s Ongoing 2013 Garden–Post # ???? Harvesting is Ramping Up.

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Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep: Post #8

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The Depression’s Frugal Generation–A Reality unlike any.

great depression Frugal websites, although many, do not come close to describing frugality, as experienced by so many during the Great Depression of 1929 and felt around the world. There was no money as banks closed and survival was  based on one’s ability to be self-sufficient. This time period presented the highest levels of emigration ever in our nation’s history which lasted til 1940 before stabilizing. Tough times lasted for nearly a decade, ending with a recession in 1937-1938 and boosted by WWII and need for materials. [Read more…]

Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep-Post #7

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Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep #6 post

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Belle’s Ongoing Spring Garden Prep #5

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Time to Re-think and Incorporate Resources of the Unemployed and Disabled?

gifts of unemploy disabled The governing bodies are way to busy being busy, trying to control too many programs and/or even staying abreast of. Unsurprisingly, most of these programs end up not solving the issues of so many that they are designed for. There does appear to be a disconnect from the Government to the recipients. Take the unemployed or disabled groups for example; here are two phenomenal resource groups with information from walking the walk, whom are pushed into categories and left sitting as non-contributors, which is totally against human nature. [Read more…]