Belle’s Insight into the New Healthcare Exchanges–???

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Does Rationalizing Our Vices Take Into Consideration Accountability to Those Close To Us??

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The title almost sounds like an oxymoron. How does one imbibe in ‘things not good for us’ and still rationalize being accountable for our actions to those closest to us? For example, say you take up smoking. Is this a logical decision in which you consider the side effects and weigh/measure your chances of beating the odds, or, is this an emotional decision, in which we merely hope and not plan for  issues that our families might have to contend with down the road. [Read more…]

Obamacare is Here–Welcome To The New Maze of Healthcare Insurance

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I find it astounding that this Mandated Healthcare program is now in existence. It clearly tells me that confusion has run amok and those in charge haven’t done their due diligence in researching and/or testing. On the other hand, we the people, also didn’t do our jobs in making our leaders clarify everything so that we were all on the same page. Health Insurance Premiums are up and choices of practitioners now limited to the networks within your chosen insurance plans. Healthcare Practitioners in the fields/trenches are forced to comply. [Read more…]

The Reality of Dealing With Health Insurance Companies When You Need Them-Fair?

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The bill for the monthly Health Insurance Premium always shows up on time and is typically sent out in the same fashion. My question is, why is it that there are so many delays, hiccups or whatever you want to call them, when you need to actually use your health insurance during times of need. Do they forget that we are all good and loyal customers who are counting on them 100%, to be helpful as well as timely, if and when we do need help? [Read more…]

Signs of Obamacare Changes: Efficiency or Not?

side effects obamacare The associated changes and effects of Obamacare, are already rolling in. I received a 4 page letter today from Medicare, which was send first class and most likely cost at least a minimum of $.75 for them to mail to me. The letter was a request for a refund of $.01, which they determined was an overpayment on their part. This is supposed to be received within so many days or fines will be assessed…… [Read more…]

How To Survive The Funk When Caring For Others and Not Let It Get You Down?

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Ever have one of those days, weeks or years where everything seems to go south or, those days when you look out the window to see if the black cloud still hovers above you? Yes, yes and yes from me. I’m still trying to dig my way out from that heavy, depressive feeling secondary to too many family crises. My family, namely my elder parents, uncle and sister-in-law, have had major health crises that just don’t seem to want to let up. One of the four will appear to be getting somewhat better, then it seems like the others get worse. Its been ongoing for months, yet, the bright spot is a phenomenal family/support group who are all kicking in and helping in whatever way they can. [Read more…]

Tenacity Needed In the Role of Patient Advocate


The maze of healthcare is not for the light-hearted. If you are so lucky to be chosen as an advocate for another’s healthcare, buckle up and prepare for the ride. First things first, get a release from the person you are representing/helping, so that you can have agreed upon/legal access to the person’s healthcare information.  Once that is in place, obtain copy of patient’s insurance information (if applies), including, copy of patient’s policy so that you can become familiar (call insurance representatives/insurance company if any questions re: coverage) with what is and what isn’t covered. If no insurance, call state resources for healthcare; numbers usually posted in local phone books. [Read more…]

AMA’s article “Medicare’s doctor records riddled with errors”–correct terminology or not?

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The July 8th copy of the American Medical Association’s publication (vol 56, No 13) featured the article (by Charles Fiegl) “Medicare’s doctor records riddled with error,”in my opinion, only shows one side of the equation. Having been involved in the process of Medicare’s re-attestation, it was obvious the new software program being used by medicare, needed provider information updated. It’s not like the doctor’s information was really what I’d call riddled with errors, but rather possessed information that no longer fit into the new program’s software format? [Read more…]

Why are We So Quick In Wanting To Change Our Unique Physical Landscapes?


tumblr_lc0ifm02dJ1qdm8oso1_500_large-insecure Why are so many people, especially women or young people, jumping at the chance to change their unique faces, bodies and/or physical landscapes? Are you doing this for your self or for someone else? We are born in this world a unique physical entity with basic similarities to others, yet fine tuned into our own individuality. Within that individuality are our ties to our past ancestry, composed of genes from many other unique individuals. Are these facts discussed when making decisions to change what we are born with? Do we realize that each bump, wrinkle and/or scar tells a story of our lives? Are we eliminating our sense of who we are when we alter our personal landscapes? Do you also realize that our unique life experiences, including scars, wrinkles etc., all a part of who we are, can’t be bought?

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Side Effects of Obamacare–Employer Insurance Mandate Delay and The Ongoing, Associated Confusion

obamacare employer delay The announcement of a delay in the Obamacare Employer mandate today, is NOT a huge surprise. There was such a rush as well as push on the healthcare industry to make ALL these changes and now, because some employers are saying NO to the mandated insurance requirements, a halt has been put in place. I have worked in the healthcare industry 3+ decades and during this time, have never seen such a  disorganized attempt at reinventing healthcare. The fact that it was pushed through with a minimum of our elected leaders reviewing the bill, should have been a reality check that inevitable failure was on the horizon. [Read more…]