Teach your Children To STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES; ESPECIALLY your Daughters!

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Belle’s 2013 Spring Garden Is Producing, Producing and Producing!

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How To Survive The Funk When Caring For Others and Not Let It Get You Down?

feeling blue

Ever have one of those days, weeks or years where everything seems to go south or, those days when you look out the window to see if the black cloud still hovers above you? Yes, yes and yes from me. I’m still trying to dig my way out from that heavy, depressive feeling secondary to too many family crises. My family, namely my elder parents, uncle and sister-in-law, have had major health crises that just don’t seem to want to let up. One of the four will appear to be getting somewhat better, then it seems like the others get worse. Its been ongoing for months, yet, the bright spot is a phenomenal family/support group who are all kicking in and helping in whatever way they can. [Read more…]

Mother Nature saying Goodnight!

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Planning for Retirement in your younger years


retirement planningThis is one of the hardest decisions ya’ll will ever have to make. It carries a stigma with it that’s hard to shake; “too old and now a non-contributor to society.” By the time you’re even near the age to retire, you’ve heard every story in the book as to how good or bad it is. The problem being, no one can tell you how it will be for you. [Read more…]

Grocery Prices wrecking our budgets

grocery shopping

Action time ya’ll!! Call your state representative and complain. Also need to complain to your local grocers. They can learn to cut back in their bottom line as well. All sides must give. It’s the squeaky wheel concept; the more we all complain that things are not all right, the sooner changes will come about. It may not occur overnight by any means, but we must all keep this up. [Read more…]

Taking a Day to Make Special Treats for Family

carmelcorn   My husband has gone off hunting for the day and I actually have spare time without interferences, therefore, have decided to make some extra special treats for the family holidays. I was blogging on and ran into what I call the “best caramel/cinnamon/pecan popcorn I’ve ever tasted, on the ” homeisright” blogspot. The carmelcorn is so good and the recipe so easy, that I’ve decided to share the page with you (below). Its DELICIOUS and a definite keeper! [Read more…]