Re-invent that Left Over Chicken/Turkey—Time For Some Homemade Soup

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Beautiful Fall Day N. Idaho for Your Enjoyment!

IMG_1573 Beautiful Fall Day in N. Idaho with view of a mirror-like lake. Sharing with my friends.

Isn’t It Time, We As Individuals, Put A Stop To Cyber Bullying on Children?

negating others social media I find the recent publicized death of the 12-year-old girl secondary to cyber bullying by her peers, nothing but troubling. I know these types of events aren’t new but why are we adults not looking for more aggressive solutions?  Is it because it doesn’t directly affect us or our families, therefore, we can ignore it? Should we place an age limit on when children can actually access the internet and/or use social media? Sounds like a task beyond our reach but on the other hand, how many unnecessary deaths can we justify because of our lack of interest? [Read more…]

Is It NOT A FACT that ALL Relationships Carry Some Form Of BAGGAGE?

What is actually meant by ‘baggage’ in a relationship? Mankind as a whole is from many diverse backgrounds, as we all are well aware of. This in itself, is what makes us unique; establishes who we are, how we think and how we view life, so, is it not a surprise that we all go into any relationship with preconceived ideas and outcomes as to how things should be. Are these preconceived ideas/outcomes the basis of what we classify as baggage in other human beings? Is it possible to truly have  common, workable ground between people of varied backgrounds or baggage? [Read more…]

Obamacare is Here–Welcome To The New Maze of Healthcare Insurance

side effects obamacare

I find it astounding that this Mandated Healthcare program is now in existence. It clearly tells me that confusion has run amok and those in charge haven’t done their due diligence in researching and/or testing. On the other hand, we the people, also didn’t do our jobs in making our leaders clarify everything so that we were all on the same page. Health Insurance Premiums are up and choices of practitioners now limited to the networks within your chosen insurance plans. Healthcare Practitioners in the fields/trenches are forced to comply. [Read more…]

Belle’s Ongoing Search For Available College Monies

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Preserving Delicious Home Made Italian Sauce from ‘YOUR’ Garden Tomatoes

IMG_1473IMG_1403 Nothing like the aroma of a delicious homemade Italian sauce for spaghetti, lasagna etc., especially in the middle of winter when the produce is no longer available out your back door. We all know you can buy versions of Italian sauces off the store’s shelves, but when you can make the best as well as the freshest from your own tomatoes and herbs, why not put out the minimal effort to make it happen? [Read more…]

Is there Truly Wisdom in Living a ‘Life of Moderation’ or ‘Living In The Middle of the Road?’

Lake garden drive june 13 015

Are ‘living in moderation’ or ‘living in the middle of the road,’ merely clichés or is there truly wisdom from the ages behind the phrases? [Read more…]

Nummy Cauliflower and Cabbage Curry; Healthy as well as Delicious.

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Hands Down–My Idea of a Replacement for Pumpkin Pie!! To Die For.

IMG_1410 This is one of those–‘I bet you can’t eat only 1 bite, ‘ recipes!! I’m changing out my traditional Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie with this recipe. Definitely a keeper! Credit goes to [Read more…]